Portishead, UK
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Senior Scientist (Immunology)

Portishead, UK
Job Description

Charles River Laboratories (Portishead) is an immunology and infection specialist CRO that utilizes cutting-edge techniques and in-depth expertise to deliver state-of-the-art cell biology assays. Clients include a broad range of global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and Charles River supports them throughout the drug discovery process, from early hit identification through to clinical trials. We are looking to recruit a Senior Scientist to enhance our dynamic immune-oncology teams on a permanent basis. This opportunity would be ideal for a motivated and pro-active immunologist that wants to contribute to the success of an ambitious company.   
As an aspiring immunologist you will be working across multidisciplinary teams investigating the efficacy of a wide range of therapeutic modalities or solving the molecular and cellular mechanisms underpinning immuno-oncology, autoimmunity, inflammatory disease and neuroinflammation. The core role of this lab-based position will be to design and execute studies to realize the potential of next generation immunotherapies. This will include the characterization and validation of complex immunological assays through the implementation of ex vivo and in vitro models (e.g. immune cell mono/co-cultures, ex vivo phenotypic analysis, genetic/pharmacological intervention, cell engineering and biomarker analyses of early phase clinical trials). A background in or willingness to learn techniques such as IncuCyte, MACS sorting, 18 colour -flow cytometry, Luminex, Nanostring, ELISpot, Lentiviral delivery, high content screening and culture of primary cells is essential.  

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Desired Skills & Experience

•   MSc/PhD with extensive lab experience and a strong understanding of immunology. Experience working within Pharma/Biotech or in a Postdoctoral role within the immunology field would be an advantage 
•    Ambition to discover novel therapeutics through collaboration 
•    Extensive experience with immune cell isolation and cell culture 
•    Track record of carrying out large complex immunological experiments independently
•    Well organized and self-motivated to deliver high quality data sets to tight deadlines 
•    Compliance to protocols and all applicable SOPs 
•    Ability to interpret data sets, generate concise conclusions and advise on next steps 
•    Experience of guiding scientific strategy 
•    Experience in disseminating scientific discoveries internally and externally 
•    A clear grasp of the drug discovery process 
•    Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  Boston, MA, USA
For 70 years, Charles River employees have worked together to assist in the discovery, development and safe manufacture of new drug therapies. When you join our family, you will have a significant impact on the health and well-being of people across the globe. Whether your background is in life sciences, finance, IT, sales or another area, your skills will play an important role in the work we perform. In return, we’ll help you build a career that you can feel passionate about.
 Portishead, UK